Ellen Rapkin

  • Emergency Need

    $7,426.00 raised
    GOAL: $7,000.00


    From the bottom of our hearts- Thank You! Yesterday afternoon we got a call from a patient facing extreme circumstances, with extraordinary need and our community rose to the occasion. In total, we raised over $9,200 in a couple of hours- enough to help this patient through a trying time as well as some left over to help others.
    This is what you do when you support #AbortionFunds. This is community care and support. We are resilient and can take care of each other. I believe in us.

    . . . . .

    Women Have Options has been contacted about a patient from Ohio who has to have an emergency abortion TODAY. The problem is, this patient is over 20 weeks along in her pregnancy and post 20-week abortions are now illegal in Ohio. 
    When abortions are needed later in pregnancy, it’s often in very complex circumstances — the kind of situations where a patient and her doctor need every medical option available. But instead, she has had to travel to a clinic on the West coast TODAY to obtain the medical care she so desperately needs. 

    Her procedure is complicated and is going to cost her $10,000, plus travel expenses. Due to Ohio laws, she cannot get her medical care in-state. To add to the barriers, she's a public employee, and the state bans public insurance from covering this necessary health care and she's run out of time and other funding opportunities. She's drained her savings and got as many credit extensions as she possibly can, but is still $7,000 short. 


    We are not going to let her go without care, but we need help.

    Please share and give as you can.


  • Give In Memory of Adrienne

    We are humbled that Adrienne, in her everlasting generosity, had requested that donations be made to Women have Options in her memory. As a community, we recognize Adrienne's gift with gratitude for our friend who gave so much of herself to others. We promise to honor her legacy and continue her and our work to ensure that abortion remains safe, legal, accessible and funded


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