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Taco or Beer Challenge

32 donors
100 donors

Mid August through September, join our online taco or beer challenge to raise funds and bust abortion stigma!

Thanks for being awesome and directly helping ensure that everyone who needs access to abortion care can afford it.

It’s easy!

1. Eat a taco or drink a beer
2. Donate here!
3. Take a picture or video of you eating tacos or drinking beer and why funding choice is important to you!
4. Post on social media and challenge 3 friends to donate (and eat tacos or drink beer) and tag photos with #tobc18

For the overachievers: Hold a TACO OR BEER PARTY!

The History of the Taco or Beer Challenge:

2016: The National Taco or Beer Challenge

2014: I Want You to Eat a Taco, Drink a Beer, and Fund Abortion

2015: It’s Time Again to Eat a Taco, Drink a Beer, and Fund Abortion (show less)

Everywhere tacos and/or beers are consumed!

Who's donating

Andrea Martinez
Sierra Dobbs-Brown
Joachim Moortgat
Andrea Martinez
Andrea Martinez
Zach Hamer
Danielle Smith
Mona Natwa
Karen Brackbill
Andrea Martinez
Christine Miller
Augusta Ridley
Thomas Maull
Nolan Rutschilling
Sysilie Hill
Michelle Love-Davis
LIsa McNally
Andrea Martinez
Sarah Natoce
Mariana Brito
Paige Ferguson
Sydney Householder
Adam Fazio
Danielle Smith
Mike Alcock
Stephanie Craddock Sherwood